Zephram Dagrath was originally planned to act as a major antagonist in Legends of Might and Magic. He was one of a number of characters confirmed to appear in the game's original concept and early-to-mid development stages, before this work was scrapped by New World Computing.


In the cut storyline, Zephram was described as an evil, power-hungry madman, the childhood friend and advisor to King Rydric of Aalondor. When Rydric departed to fight a war in a distant land, Dagrath initiated attempts to reassemble the Gate of Anduran, an Ancient-created machine enabling space- and time-travel. Dagrath's motive was to travel to a pivotal point in Axeoth's history, where he could have done one thing differently to put himself on the throne instead of his friend.[1]

Rydric's son, Prince Golwyn, and his five allies were called upon by the shaman Teldran to locate the missing Dagrath, and later thwart his ambitions. However, Dagrath's attempt to reshape the past would apparently not have been simple to undo; his alteration to history would apparently threaten the time continuum, potentially causing Axeoth's destruction. Defeating him would require travel to several worlds previously featured in the series.[2][3]

Though he is removed from the final game, concept art of his character can be seen in the Legends installer.


  • Despite his constant references in preview material, Zephram does not get a mention in the first storyline trailer for Legends, clearly based on the cut storyline. Instead, the trailer focuses on the structure known as Voggram's tower.[4]


Zephram was meant to appear in Legends of Might and Magic, but was cut before release.


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