Zacharia is a character that is mentioned in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He was a powerful necromancer who almost managed to conquer Jadame.

Biography Edit

Long ago, Zacharia managed to combine his mastery of necromancy and the elemental magics with an "unnatural strong" affinity for dark energy. He raised legions of undead and began to enslave the people of Jadame, including the dark elves of Alvar.

Using the combined might of all their clerics, the Temple of the Sun forged a powerful sword named Solkrist. The temple's patriarch then led the legions of the Sun against Zacharia's forces, starting a war that raged for years. Finally, the Temple of the Sun fought their way to Shadowspire, where the patriarch battled Zacharia in single combat. The patriarch managed to cut off Zacharia's left arm just as the necromancer's last spell stopped the patriarch's heart, and the power of Solkrist instantly killed Zacharia.

One of the bones from Zacharia's arm was so infused with dark magic that it was called the Bone of Doom. The Necromancer Guild eagerly searched for the bone, as it could be used as a powerful artifact.

Gameplay Edit

The necromancer Tantilion tells the story of Zacharia to the party, and then asks them to recover the Bone of Doom from a Dire Wolf Den.