The yuki-onna is a creature in Might & Magic: Heroes VI. It is an Elite creature of the Sanctuary faction, and the upgraded version of the snow maiden.

Yuki-Onna are greater aspects of the Snow Maidens that can be found only at the summits of the largest glaciers. It is said that they are the daughters of Winter itself, and wield the powers of ice and snow like a warrior wields a blade.OffBck


Living Living
Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.OffBck
Amphibian Amphibian
Immunity to Movement reductions from the Water Magic School. Sanctuary Heroes can travel on the seas if all their army is amphibian.OffBck
Resistance to Water Resistance to Water
Nagas (and their allied water spirits) are % resistant to damage (Water).OffBck
Vulnerability to Air Vulnerability to Air
All damage (Air) is increased on the nagas (and their allied water spirits) by %.OffBck
Heroes VI Ice Shards Icon Ice Shards
“Snow can be a warming blanket, but ice is always a deadly bed.” The Duchies of the Wolf and Griffin share the latter saying, as both of them are familiar with the dangers winter brings to their lands. The Yuki-Onna can call upon these powers to create daggers of ice that will line the soil, in wait for those foolish enough to tread the treacherous zone.
Creates a 3x3 trap on the combat map for 3 turns. Enemies moving across it are dealt 10 damage (Water) for each square crossed and inflicted with the "Chilled" effect. Charges: 1OffBck
Heroes VI Frozen Caress Icon Frozen Caress
The effects of the Frozen Caress of the Yuki-Onna were immortalized in a play about a daimyo who fell in love with one. To counter the maiden`s tremendous powers of cold that froze him nearly to death every time he kissed her, the daimyo went on a long quest to find a necklace of eternally burning pearls. He wore the jewels around his neck every time he was near the Maiden, and when that still was not enough to maintain his hardiness, he had them fashioned into a belt.
The Yuki-Onna's attack decreases target's Initiative by 20 for 1 turn and also inflict the "Chilled" effect.OffBck



Yuki onna are actually mythical spirits in Japan.


Heroes VI Sanctuary Faction Icon Sanctuary
Basic creatures
Shark guard · Coral priestess · Kappa · Spring spirit · Snow maiden · Kenshi · Kirin
Upgraded creatures
Wanizame · Pearl priestess · Kappa shoya · Mizu-kami · Yuki-onna · Kensei · Sacred kirin

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