Yorath Al-Bekhir is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


Yorath was an upstanding figure in Heresh. This made him a political enemy of Tarek, and the latter had Judge Shameer banish Yorath to the prison at Namtaru's Claws. There, a ritual master started to transform Yorath into a ghoul, before Tarek himself continued the ritual. Becoming a ghoul, Yorath would forget all the misdeeds Tarekh didn't want him to know. However, the ritual was interrupted and, during the prison riots, Yorath, a half-ghoul, escaped with Urtakh to the wilds.


Yorath is a hero, who can cast following abilities:

  • Ghoulish Rot: "Applies Ghoulish Rot to the Target Stack. Ghoulish Rot deals Darkness Magic Damage every Round."
    • Duration - 3 rounds
  • Diplomatic Stroke: "Prevents the Target from attacking or using any abilities. Cannot affect Boss creatures."
    • Duration - 1 round
    • Cooldown - 2 rounds



Chapter 1: Namtaru's ClawsEdit
Chapter 2: Nar-HereshEdit
  • The Intrigue: The hero and Yorath have to speak to Belketh. However, he doesn't fully trust Yorath and has Tarek capture him, but lets the hero search for evidence.
  • Movements In The Spider's Web: The mysterious person asks of the hero to speak with Yorath, to undo the injustice.
  • ...And Nothing But The Truth: Yorath states the hero needs to find Shameer, a judge that actually declared Yorath as a prisoner. Yorath believes Shameer should be given some proof that shows Yorath was not guilty.
  • Desperate Measures: The hero has to rescue Yorath from the jail.
  • A Farewell To The Capital: Yorath and the hero have to go to the portal, to go to the Hidden House.
  • An Unexpected Offer: Belketh is told of Tarek's treachery and imprisons him. He also decides to accompany Yorath and the hero to the diplomatic negotiations.
  • The Imposter: With everything cleared, the hero and Yorath have to go through the portal to the Hidden House.
Chapter 3: The Whispering PlainsEdit


Yorath Al-Bekhir appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.