Xex is a large arch devil that appears in the Armageddon's Blade campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade. He is one of Xeron's messengers.

Biography Edit

Xex was a childhood friend of Xeron, and had been his loyal follower for a very long time.

When Xeron was trying to create Armageddon's Blade, he sent Xex to locate a knowledgeable sage. Xex teleported back with Judge Sleen, "Master Sage and Arcane Historian". Xeron threatened the man into telling him everything he knew about the Conflux heroes that he was fighting. Once Xeron had the information, he asked Xex to transport the man away.

Sleen returned a week later with more information he'd discovered. When he'd given his report, Xeron asked Xex to transport him somewhere "unpleasant". Xex took Sleen to the middle of a battle between Dracon and some faerie dragons, as this was "as unpleasant as he could get without killing him."

Throughout the war, Xex would act as a messenger, and also fetch Sleen whenever Xeron needed new information. At one point, Xex had to tell Xeron that his mother had been slain in battle against Gelu. Xeron asked Xex to leave him, before falling to his knees and sobbing. The sobs soon turned into laughter, filled with insane rage.

The next time Xex arrived bringing bad news, Xeron put his hand on his friend's shoulder, telling him he could feel at ease when speaking to him. Xex informed him that Queen Catherine and King Roland were now marching on Kreelah, and that he feared they might be beaten. Xeron backhanded him across the face, sending him sliding across the floor, before telling him that he would no longer tolerate failure. "I want them all slaughtered. Kill everything. Leave no survivors. GO!!!"

Xex was killed by Tavin's halflings while on a mission for his master.