Xana is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Dark Messiah.


Born the daughter of a great Wizard in the Seven Cities, Xana's life changed abruptly when a fit of jealous rage led her to conjure an Imp into the folds of her cheating sweetheart's robes. Burnt at the stake for the crime of summoning Demons, Xana awoke from her grizzly death as a Succubus in the castle of the Arch-Demon Kha-Beleth, deep in Sheogh. Intrigued by her new life, Xana is content to do her master's bidding. Sweet and sincere and a lover of poetry, Xana is possibly the only resident of Sheogh who never speaks a false word.OffBck

Xana is a Succubus working under Kha-Beleth. Shortly before the Second Eclipse, he assigned her to assist Kiril Griffin and ensure that Azkaal, the Demon Prince of Destruction, remains imprisoned in his body.

Four centuries later, she was summoned to Ashan by demonist Phenrig and bound to the spirit of Kha-Beleth's son, Sareth. Accompanying him in the quest for the Skull of Shadows, she quickly became infatuated with the young Demon Messiah, flirting with him and making snide remarks about the girl who led the expedition - Leanna.

She is loyal, but her natural desire for freedom and power drives her to not-so-subtly influence Sareth by exploiting the leaks in bounds that tie her to him.

She is a bit of a free agent and has her own hidden agenda, using her seductive powers to achieve her objectives.


Xana is a Demonist.


Inferno CampaignEdit


Xana appears in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

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