Wulgar was a warrior from the Tribal Lands who played a minor role in Barbarian King Waerjak's campaign to unify the Barbarians in one tribe that puts community first.


Before WaerjakEdit

Wulgar was a member of a warrior tribe in Enroth. Together with his clan, Wulgar participated in many armed conflicts, and even if the Reckoning found him aged, Wulgar continued to accompany his kinsmen in combat.

Upon entering Axeoth, his tribe settled in the Tribal Lands, and maintained its neutrality in the battle for power in the new lands. There were several occasions however when they allied themselves with other clans for joint raids; in one of these occurrences Wulgar met one who would later become his enemy - a land-thirsty warlord named Hundric.

A Barbarian named Waerjak was striving to unify all the Enrothian Barbarian clans that made it to Axeoth in one community, where life would be better for all. Impressed by Waerjak's power, the warriors joined his forces. Wulgar was among them.

Serving the KingEdit

He told Waerjak of the warlord, Hundric, describing him as a "fat person", but still strong, who uses his people as slaves. After Tarnum got captured and died by Vogel's hand, Wulgar and Waerjak went into an inn. Hearing from Vogel's men that Tarnum died as a coward, Waerjak and Wulgar fought them. While Waerjak survived, Wulgar died and was buried with some gold and gems.



Glory of Days PastEdit

  • A Necessary War: Wulgar tells Waerjak of the warlord Hundric.
  • A King's Choice: Wulgar, along with Waerjak, fights Vogel's men in a tavern. Wulgar dies honorably and Waerjak buries him.


Wulgar appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.