Witch king
Chaos & Nobility
Type Advanced class
Effect AbilityFearIV (Permanent)

The Witch king is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It requires specialization in Nobility and Chaos magic, and also makes it easier to learn Death Magic.

The bonus of the Witch king lets them cause Fear in melee targets, which causes the target to run away for a short distance and prevents it from retaliating.

Skills Edit

The Witch king is most likely to learn Nobility and Chaos magic and fairly likely to learn the Tactics, Combat and Death Magic skills. Witch kings cannot learn Life Magic or Order Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.

Comments Edit

The ability to drive creatures away with melee attacks can be very useful, particularly if the hero also casts First Strike on themselves - the enemy will take damage, then run away before it can retaliate. And when it tries to strike, the Witch king will be able to retaliate before its attack, causing it to run away again without attacking.

Be careful when facing more than one creature, or a creature immune to fear. Also, most ranged creatures will be even more dangerous, as they can run away from the Witch king when attacked, then strike from range for full damage.

Spazz Maticus, the hero from the Winds of War campaign To Rule the World, starts out as a Witch king.