WhiteCapMM6 map

Map of White Cap[1]

White Cap is a town in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is located in the Frozen Highlands.

Map guide Edit

  1. Home of Warren Holmes, who sells membership to the Guild of the Elements, and Becky Holmes.
  2. Home of Rachel Herzl, who sells membership to the Guild of Dark, and Jennifer Herzl.
  3. Riverside Academy: Training grounds. Location of Ged, who offers training up to level 50.
  4. Blades' End: Location of Nathan, who teaches the basic sword, axe, spear, staff, and repair item skills for 750 gold each.
  5. Magic fountain that gives the party member +5 might permanently, but also kills them.
  6. Adept Guild of the Elements: Location of Hans, who teaches the basic fire, water, earth, and air magic skills for 1250 gold each, and sells the first eight spells of the same schools.
  7. Magic fountain that gives the party member +5 endurance permanently, but also kills them.
  8. Initiate Guild of Dark: Location of Jermaine, who teaches basic dark magic and learning for 1500 gold each, and sells the first six dark magic spells.
  9. Home of Shel Stineway, pirate hireling.
  10. Home of Sly Silverstone, gypsy hireling.
  11. Home of Marc Teagan, negotiator hireling.
  12. Home of Harper Nike, duper hireling.
  13. Home of Gerrold Dane, minor NPC.
  14. Home of Trevor Jones, burglar hireling.
  15. Home of Peace Stringer, minor NPC.
  16. Home of Morthon Holovin, expert dark magic trainer.
  17. White Cap Temple: Location of Henry, who offers healing.
  18. Watch tower.
  19. Home of Fredrick Piles, who sells membership to the Blades' End guild.
  20. Home of Les Parker, squire hireling.
  21. Home of Ray Boswell, psychic hireling.
  22. Mark and Missile: Weaponshop. Location of Julian, who sells second-level bows, with specials on fourth-level bows.
  23. Apples, Thorns, and Potions: Magic shop. Location of Virginia, who offers second-level miscellaneous artifacts, with specials on third-level miscellaneous artifacts.
  24. Magic fountain that releases 6 magyar matrons.
  25. White Cap Transport Co: Stables. Location of Peter, who offers travel to Free Haven on Mondays and Thursdays.
  26. Home of Piter Harkonnen, gate master hireling.
  27. Dragon tower.
  28. The Frosty Tankard: Inn. Location of the innkeeper Stein.
  29. Secure Trust: Bank. Location of Fergus.
  30. General Store: General store. Location of David.
  31. Home of Abe Markoviac, explorer hireling.
  32. Silver Lining Armor & Shield: Armorshop. Location of Franklin, who sells third-level leather armor, chain armor, plate armor, shields, helms and gauntlets, and has specials on fourth-level shields, helms, and gauntlets.
  33. Watch tower.

Sources Edit

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