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Wedding Day is a Rescue the Princess scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter bandits and harpies.

Description Edit

Imprisoned on her wedding day by a jealous Prince, the Princess must now wait for the forces of Good to rescue her.OffBck

Good team Edit

The Princess is being kept in a cell at the base of the castle's bell tower. You will have to find a way to break her out, and see her safely to the chapel on the edge of town.OffBck

Evil team Edit

Having learned that the King has promised his daughter to a wealthy Baron from across the sea, your Prince has locked the Princess in a cell and thrown away the key, giving you orders that she doesn't make it to her wedding, no matter the cost.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This scenario takes place in a castle and the surrounding area. The evil team starts inside the castle, near the princess' cell, while the good team starts outside. The heroes must get the princess out of her cell and to the church near their starting point, while the villains must stop them.

Players should avoid climbing the rope to the bell tower, as the ringing will instantly give away their position.

Good team Edit

There are a couple of possible entrances to the castle.

  1. The front door. This is quick and obvious, but is also the path most likely to be guarded by the evil team.
  2. The ramp near the castle entrance will bring the players to the second floor.
  3. One of the buildings near the castle has a ladder leading down to a tunnel. The players will emerge inside the castle walls, and the nearby curtain will take them inside the castle itself.
  4. The small entrance at the back of the castle. It's hidden behind a bush, and the player will have to crouch to use it, but it will bring them to the same place as the tunnel.

Once inside, the heroes should find the princess as quickly as possible, bash their way into her cell, and get her back to the church. Note that the princess will almost certainly be heavily guarded.

Evil team Edit

The evil team should focus on guarding the princess. There are two entrances to her cell, and both should be guarded to prevent the good team from sneaking away with her.

The villains can hide hide near the cell and wait for the good team to start bashing down the cell door, then launch an all-out attack. The bars will hold for a few seconds, giving the villains enough time to attack while their foes are out in the open.

The evil team can also take the princess to another part of the castle. Taking her to the top floor will allow them to see the good team approaching, and they'll be able to fire down on them. If the good team attempts to climb the bell rope, they'll be an even easier target.

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