"Water elementals are immune to cold-based spells and take half damage from cold-based attacks (such as those from ice demons or other water elementals)."

The water elemental is a third-level creature of the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the Creature Portal, or the Water Portal external dwelling.

Comments Edit

The water elemental is more vulnerable than the other elementals, but it is capable of doing a lot more damage than them, as well. The spells also give it some tactical possibilities.

If you have magic immunity (either through the Anti-Magic spell, or the Combat skill), the water elemental is essentially harmless, but if not, it is dangerous, and should be taken down quickly, using fast flyers, ranged attacks, or spells.

In longer combats, waiting until it runs out of spell points (Magic Leech or Power Drain can make this happen quicker) is also a valid tactic.

Abilities Edit


Elementals are immune to certain spells (such as Poison) that only work on normal, living creatures.


Spellcaster allows this creature to use a variety of spells during combat.
Spellbook: Fatigue, Ice Bolt, Quicksand, Weakness


In combat, this creature's normal attack is a Cold Attack, so targets with Cold Resistance will take less damage.


Cold Resistance makes this creature immune to cold-based spells. It also takes half damage from enemies with cold-based attacks.

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