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Water Elemental H6
Water Elementals can rise up from the seas, rivers, lakes, or glaciers; any place where the power of Shalassa, the Dragon Goddess of Water, is present, or a dragon vein run with Water magic. Their appearance varies widely, depending on the region and the type of water in which they are born. They can be made of crystalline water, sea foam, mist and fog, snow flakes or ice slabs, or even muddy and stagnant water when formed in swamps and river deltas. Their mood is also variable. The Nagas consider them manifestations of the quiet joy of Shalassa, but sailors justly fear them, for they sometimes splash seemingly random victims off of decks and docks and hold them under the water until they die. The larger Water Elementals are also often blamed for the sinking of ships.OffBck
Water Elemental P H6
  • Damage: 10-14 (Water magic)
  • Defense: 14
  • Magic Defense: 16
  • Health: 85
  • Ini: 40
  • Movment: 5
  • Luck: 7
  • Moral: 10


Liquid Body

Liquid Body
Increases resistance to damage by 20%.

Water Strike

Water Strike
The Elemental attacks inflict the “Soaked” effect on their targets.

Ice Bolt

Ice Bolt
The Elemental can throw a Ice Bolt, dealing 17(x stack number) Water damage for every to target enemy stack. Victim is also inflicted by the “Frozen” effect.(Cooldown: 2)


Immunity to Movement reductions from the Water Magic School.

Water Affinity

Air Affinity
Elementals are dealt 50% reduced damage from their affinity element(Water) and 50% increased damage for their counter-element(Fire). Elementals are also immune to negative effects from their affinity element. 


Spirit Form

Spirit Form
Spirits benefit from +50% resistance to all damage at the start of each combat. Lasts until an action was taken by the creature.


Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.

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