The Warrior of Light is a name given to a legendary hero of Axeothian lore. The true name of this hero is unknown; not even his existence is certain.

When a malevolent immortal being known as the God of Sacrifice started to slaughter "entire villages" for his own twisted pleasure, the Warrior of Light was the only who stood against him. Only a boy then, he traveled to Paradise, braving great dangers on the road. There, under the watchful eye of the "gods of good" (possibly the Ancestors), the Warrior of Light forged a potent artifact known as the Sword of the Gods.

When he returned from Paradise with the mighty weapon, he engaged the God of Sacrifice in a battle that lasted an year and a day, killing his brutal foe but suffering fatal wounds himself.[1]

The Warrior of Light's legend was told by Solmyr ibn Wali Barad to Emilia Nighthaven when she embarked on a quest to find the Sword of Gods - the sword was to be used to kill another immortal, Gavin Magnus.

References Edit

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