For the Stronghold grail-building in other games of the series, see Festival of Life (building) and Tower of the Khan.

The Warlord's Monument is the grail structure of the Stronghold town in Heroes of Might and Magic III. A towering structure that homages the Barbarian warfare prowess, it enhances the town's creature production by 50%, and it also produces 5000 gold every day to pay for those extra recruits. In case of a siege, the Warlord's Monument boosts the defending hero's attack by +20, increasing the chances of repelling the aggressors tremendously.

The Monument can only be built when a grail is brought to town. The structure itself is free, but in order to erect it, you must give the grail up. You can build a town structure and then the Monument on the same day but not vice-versa.

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