Vol was a Pure-blood Elf from Vori, and one of the defenders of Volee, the ancient city that housed the arcane Sword of Frost. He faced Tarnum when the Immortal Hero, in the guise of a Nighon Overlord, attempted to conquer Volee and claim the Sword of Frost. Vol failed to repel Tarnum, and his fate is unclear after this defeat.

He appears as an antagonist in The Protectors of the Sword, the last mission from Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost.


Vol has little to no role in the storyline of Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost. He was an inhabitant of Volee, the centuries-old lost capital of Vori. Like all of Volee's residents, he considered the safety of the Sword of Frost as his most important duty. Unlike most of the Pure-bloods, Volee's dwellers weren't swayed by Gelu's charm and origins, and refused to hand him the Sword.

Tarnum, who was in fact pursuing the Sword only to prevent Gelu from obtaining it and fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy, had to siege Volee as a last resort solution to secure the mighty artifact. Vol was the city's last defender, but lost the clash with the Immortal hero. Although Vol was bent on defending Volee and the Sword within at all costs, his mission was partially failed even before Tarnum attacked the city. Somehow, Kija infiltrated in the town and stole the Sword of Frost without any of its guardians noticing.

Gameplay Edit

Vol appears exclusively in the The Protectors of the Sword scenario. In that map, Vol is a high-level Ranger. He has 4.966.455 experience points, enough to make him start at Level 36. He has no starting artifacts, spells or creatures, and his patrol radius of only 3 squares makes it almost certain that he'll be the defending hero in the final siege. His skills are random.

Vol uses Ufretin's identity, and thus has his specialty.


Vol appears only in Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost.