For the campaign quest series, see Void Rising.
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Void Rising is the second expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the base set 1 pack. It is succeeded by Herald of the Void pack. It contains 105 cards, from which:

  • 36 are common
  • 35 are uncommon
  • 22 are rare
  • 8 are unique
  • 4 are heroic

This pack introduced cards from the Sanctuary faction.

Card listEdit

Void Rising cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Ishuma, Lord of Dragons Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Kaiko, Invoker of the Depths Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Takana Osore, Champion of the Tides Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Yukiko, Seeker of Honour Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Caller of the Void Creature Unique Inferno
Deep mountain yeti Creature Unique Sanctuary
Blackskull clan warlord Creature Unique Stronghold
Nyorai sairensa Creature Unique Sanctuary
Shi-no-shi Creature Unique Neutral
Wolf captain Creature Unique Haven
Blackskull vulture rider Creature Rare Stronghold
Blind Brother Creature Rare Neutral
Fate sealer Creature Rare Necropolis
Greater fire elemental Creature Rare Neutral
Kensei Creature Rare Sanctuary
Mizu-kami Creature Rare Sanctuary
Sacred kirin Creature Rare Sanctuary
Shanriya priestess Creature Rare Sanctuary
Shinobi blackmailer Creature Rare Sanctuary
Vampire assassin Creature Rare Necropolis
Wolf justicar Creature Rare Haven
Blackskull goblin Creature Uncommon Inferno
Deep mountain turtle Creature Uncommon Neutral
Hellfire imp Creature Uncommon Inferno
Hellfire juggernaut Creature Uncommon Inferno
Kappa shoya Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Kenshi Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Moonsilk spinner Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Naga tide master Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Naga warrior Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Pearl priestess Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Void wraith Creature Uncommon Neutral
Wanizame Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Wolf praetorian Creature Uncommon Haven
Black vulture Creature Common Neutral
Dire wolf Creature Common Neutral
Blackskull warchanter Creature Common Stronghold
Coral priestess Creature Common Sanctuary
Hellfire cerberus Creature Common Inferno
Kappa Creature Common Sanctuary
Kirin Creature Common Sanctuary
Moonsilk skeleton Creature Common Necropolis
Spring spirit Creature Common Sanctuary
Shanriya guard Creature Common Sanctuary
Shark guard Creature Common Sanctuary
Snow maiden Creature Common Sanctuary
White fox Creature Common Sacntuary
Wolf marksman Creature Common Haven
Yuki-onna Creature Common Sanctuary
Clashing Tides Spell Rare Water
Curse of the Penitent Spell Rare Prime
Despair Spell Rare Dark
Earth's grasp Spell Rare Earth
Mass inner fire Spell Rare Fire
Sand storm Spell Rare Earth
Spell steal Spell Rare Prime
Ward against darkness Spell Rare Light
Fiery weapon Spell Uncommon Fire
Mass dispel Spell Uncommon Prime
Monsoon Spell Uncommon Water
Purity Spell Uncommon Light
Poison cloud Spell Uncommon Earth
Storm arrows Spell Uncommon Air
Combustion Spell Common Fire
Guardian angel Spell Common Light
Lifting wind Spell Common Air
Moonsilk fetters Spell Common Dark
Negate magic Spell Common Prime
Poisonous bulb Spell Common Earth
Water wall Spell Common Water
Throne of Renewal Fortune Unique Neutral
Yukiko's shrine Fortune Unique Sanctuary
Cosmic realignment Fortune Rare Neutral
Honored land Fortune Rare Sanctuary
Tower of Oblivion Fortune Rare Neutral
Hidden temple Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Altar of the Spider Goddess Fortune Uncommon Necropolis
Avalanche Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Hellfire bridge Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Imperial phalanx Fortune Uncommon Haven
Inheritance Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Monastery of Helexia Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Pillage Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Surprise attack Fortune Uncommon Stronghold
The frozen maze Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Ariana's lair Fortune Common Necropolis
Call of the Bloodhorn Fortune Common Stronghold
Challenge hall Fortune Common Sanctuary
Curse of Negation Fortune Common Neutral
Halls of Amnesia Fortune Common Inferno
Maws of Chaos Fortune Common Inferno
Pillar of Insight Fortune Common Sanctuary
Rite of Necromantic Transfer Fortune Common Necropolis
Ritual of the Blood Feathers Fortune Common Stronghold
Stolen supplies Fortune Common Neutral
Temple tower Fortune Common Sanctuary
Tree of Truth Fortune Common Haven
Truce of Elrath Fortune Common Haven
Underwater fortress Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Whirlpool Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
Path of the Ancestors Event Uncommon Neutral
Week of Austerity Event Uncommon Neutral
Week of the Tamed Spirits Event Uncommon Neutral
Week of the Wild Spirits Event Uncommon Neutral
Day of the Fallen Wolf Event Common Neutral

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