For the card pack of the same name, see Void Rising (pack).
Void Rising campaign

Cover image of Void Rising campaign. The artwork features the Week of the Wild Spirits.

Void Rising (formerly known as Wolf Soldiers) is a series of quests in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. It is composed of five quests. It can be accessed by finishing Windswords campaign and winning 5 quick battles. The following quest series is Herald of the Void. By completing this campaign, Nergal's Puzzle quest of the puzzle campaign is unlocked.

  1. Denstadt's Catacombs
  2. The Caves
  3. Fleshbane
  4. Shaar's Vengeance
  5. A Wizard Far From Home

The group returned to Denstadt, where they meet up with the Field Marshal of the Holy Empire, Siegfried Brightblade. The marshal is told about the group's encounter with Chaos-affected orcs, while he reports more of the attacks on the Empire. It is also reported an evil lurks in the catacombs, for the guard that went there never returned. The marshal prays whatever lies in there will disappear.

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