"Everyone loves vampires, and sometimes they want to know what's it's like to be one."
Vampiric Touch is a fourth-level Death Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs eight spell points and causes the target to regain one hit point for every two points of damage that they inflict in combat.


Vampiric Touch grants the regenerative power of vampirism to any creature. The healing that this spell provides can even revive slain members, bolstering a stack back to its original size even after casualties are sustained, so long as the stack is not entirely wiped out.

In order to feed from their enemies, your enchanted unit must be fighting in melee, and must be attacking something with life force. elementals, constructs, and undead provide no healing.

In no case can this spell increase a stack beyond the size it had when the spell was cast on it.

Because the amount of healing depends on the amount of damage inflicted, the spell is most effective when powerful units beat up on units with low defense.


The best blessing in the game, this spell makes a sufficiently powerful stack virtually unbeatable. This is best cast very early in the battle on level 4 creatures. The mantis is propably one of the best choices, being very mobile and having the first Strike ability. The hydra isn't too bad option either, with Multiple Attack and No Retaliation abilities.

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