"I've seen monks try to cover their ears when they hear these haunting notes, but they just don't understant that your soul doesn't need ears to hear."
Unholy Song is a second-level Death Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs three spell points and causes all Life targets to do 20% less damage and decreases their Melee and Ranged Defense by 20%.


A powerful curse for Death's most hated foe, Unholy Song is among the strongest curses in the game, yet is cheap enough (as a mere Advanced spell) to be used every time you encounter Life creatures. This spell affects Life heroes (the Knight and Priest) as well. Be advised that Life's level three creatures (the Monk and Crusader) have a 50% chance of resisting this spell, as do any Death Warded opponents. Also, a single Mass Exorcism will undo the spell entirely, though at a greater cost than spent in casting it.

If you should happen to have Life units of your own in the battle, they will suffer the effects of this spell as well.

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