Icon-Crusaders Twice born Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 250
Strength: 45
Level: 5
Experience: 2500
Normal: 55
Fire: 45
Air: 45
Water: 50
Earth: 45
Mind: 45
Spirit: 45
Body: 45
Light: 25
Dark: 80

This is a second stage reanimated corpse. The Twice Born remembers its past lifetime and seems like a real person - except, of course, for its fetid, decomposing flesh. They follow Necros because he promises them an eventual return to "real" life.OffBck

The twice born is a monster in the Playstation version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It is a member of the Legion of the Fallen, and is one of the first enemy units that Drake encounters.

Twice born are common in the earlier parts of the game. They are often grouped with shamblers. There are two types of twice born:

  1. The fighter is usually armed with a mace, a spiked shield, and throwing axes, and drops 100 gold and two throwing axes when defeated.
  2. The caster can cast firestorm at first level, or hits with its fists, doing 30-60 damage. It usually drops 100 gold and a dark gem.

Apart from this, the two types have the same statistics. Like most members of the Legion, weapons that do light damage are very effective against them.