The Troll is one of the eight hero classes in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.

"Trolls are brute fighters of exceptional endurance and are the most physically tough of all the classes. Not only do they start with and gain the most hit points per level, but they are also the best at the regeneration skill. Trolls can use all weapons (though they tend to prefer maces and other blunt instruments, where they can eventually gain grand mastery). Additionally, they are limited to light armors (they can also achieve grandmastery in leather) and have no spell casting abilities."

Trolls start with 45 hit points, and gain 5 hit points per level. Trolls can't get spell points. Trolls also start with five water and body resistance.

Attributes Edit

Attribute Minimum Starting Maximum
Might 12 14 35
Endurance 12 14 35
Intellect 5 7 15
Personality 5 7 15
Accuracy 9 11 25
Speed 9 11 25
Luck 9 11 25

For intellect and personality, it costs two points to increase the stat one point. For might and endurance, it costs one point to increase the stat two points.

War Troll Edit

"Those Trolls that survive through many battles can be promoted to the rank of War Troll. Now allowed to reach Grandmaster rank in regeneration and other martial skills, the War Troll can train to change from being a formidable opponent into something truly mighty."

A Troll can be promoted to a War Troll. War Trolls can learn grandmaster Staff, Mace, Leather, Body Building, and Regeneration.

War Trolls gain 8 hit points per level. Like Trolls, War Trolls can't get spell points.

Skills Edit

The default skills of the Troll class are Mace and Regeneration.

In the table below, golden check marks SpecialYes represent skills only available to War Trolls.

Skill Normal Expert Master Grand
Axe Yes Yes Yes No
Bow Yes No No No
Dagger Yes Yes No No
Mace Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Spear Yes Yes No No
Staff Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Sword Yes Yes Yes No
Fire Magic No No No No
Air Magic No No No No
Water Magic No No No No
Earth Magic No No No No
Spirit Magic No No No No
Mind Magic No No No No
Body Magic No No No No
Light Magic No No No No
Dark Magic No No No No
Dark Elf No No No No
Vampire No No No No
Dragon No No No No
Leather Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Chain Yes Yes No No
Plate No No No No
Shield No No No No
Alchemy No No No No
Armsmaster Yes Yes Yes No
Body Building Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
ID Item No No No No
ID Monster Yes Yes No No
Learning Yes No No No
Disarm Trap Yes No No No
Meditation No No No No
Merchant Yes No No No
Perception Yes No No No
Regeneration Yes Yes Yes SpecialYes
Repair Item Yes Yes Yes No
Might and Magic VIII classes
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