The troll is a second-level creature, connected to the Asylum town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. It can be found at the troll cave creature dwelling.

Trolls have an amazing constitution which allows them to regenerate all of their hit points at the start of each combat round.OffBck

Comments Edit

The Troll is a decent fighter, capable of both dealing and taking damage, but the most useful thing about it is the regeneration ability - the enemy needs to kill at least one every round, or their attacks are in vain. If it needs to be kept alive, defending instead of attacking will not only lessen the damage taken with every hit, it will help to avoid retaliation damage.

When fighting trolls, focusing attacks on a single stack will help ensure that at least one troll dies every round.

In short, the troll is well worth the cost.

Abilities Edit


This creature's Regeneration ability allows it to completely heal all of his wounds at the end of each turn. Regenerates up to 50 hit points per turn.

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