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Icon-H3 Troglodyte Icon-H3
Faction Dungeon
Tier 1
Upgraded No
Hit points 5
Attack 4
Defense 3
Damage 1-3
Speed 4
Dwelling Warren
Cost per unit 50 IconGoldIII
Growth per week 14
Heroes III Troglodyte Icon

Troglodytes are immune to blinding effects since they don’t have eyes and ‘see’ their surroundings through infrared senses.OffBck

The Troglodyte is the first-tier creature of the Dungeon in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Troglodytes are trained at the warren.

Statistics Edit

Troglodytes are immune to blind spells, but possess no other special abilities, and are considered average for their level. Their upgraded form, the infernal troglodyte, is more improved in all-round areas, sporting a boost in Attack, Defense, Health and Speed.

Though vulnerable, their wider-than-average damage range, combined with their large numbers, renders them susceptible to the Bless and Curse spells.

Gallery Edit

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