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The troglodyte is a race on Enroth.

Description Edit

Troglodytes are a race of subterranean creatures, and possess a sightless nature which prevents them from being physically blinded in combat. They most commonly settled in caverns throughout Antagarich and Nighon, dwelling in mushroom-laden warrens beneath the surface. Their weapon of choice is usually a primitive spear. As denizens of the world below, they see their surroundings through infrared senses rather than actual eyes.

As the weakest beings in the Nighon hierarchy, the Troglodytes developed keen senses and swiftness of movement to compensate for their lack of brawn. According to Tarnum's account, harpies or beholders often murdered a Troglodyte for no other reason than it got in their way. A typical troglodyte is shorter than a human.

The Troglodytes are sentient beings, and some such as (Geon or Jaegar) displayed a knack for magic, becoming Warlocks. Others, like Arlach or Shakti, were skilled battle commanders who rose to the position of Dungeon Overlord. Hordes of individual Troglodytes participated as fodder troops and workers during the Restoration Wars, forced to serve as a driving force during the digging the Nighon Tunnels.

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