The travelling inquisitor is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The inquisitor was asked by a group of peasants to find and eliminate the witches that started to attack them. The inquisitor doubted these witches exist, claiming that's but a rumor.


The inquisitor is a boss creature, having 15000 hit points, 900 light attack damage (melee), 300 light retaliation, 3 initiative and 3 speed (walking). He has 30% light resistance. Also, the travelling inquisitor casts these abilities:

  • Heal - "Heals the Target Stack. Cannot heal Constructs, Demons or Undead creatures.
    Resurrects fallen Creatures."
    • Healing - 2500
    • Attack Range - 4
    • Cooldown - 2 rounds
    • Charges - 4
  • Darkness Shield - "Increases the Darkness Magic Resistance of all Friendly Stacks in the Targeted Area.
    This effect is stackable."
    • Attack Range - 4
    • Effect Radius - 1
    • Duration - 3 rounds
    • Cooldown - 4 rounds
    • Effect: Darkness Shield
      • Darkness Magic Resistance - +35%


  • Forest Witch: The inquisitor asks of the hero to investigate the area for these witches. Upon returning, the hero has to defend the inquisitor from a witch, who wants to kill him.
  • Witch Hunt: The hero can slay three stacks of witches for the inquisitor.


The travelling inquisitor appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.