King Tralossk is the ruler of Tatalia in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia. He has many daughters, with Styg being the eleventh. Wystan is married to his oldest daughter, and is next in line to the throne.

He plays an important part in the Spoils of War campaign.

Biography Edit

After King Gryphonheart's death, King Tralossk wanted to expand Tatalia's borders to include more than just swamplands. As Tatalia lacked aggressive generals, he hired a mercenary to lead his armies into Erathia and claim as much land as possible[1]. At around the same time, Duke Winston Boragus of Krewlod hired the same mercenary to plunder the Erathian lands near Krewlod, giving the barbarians the resources needed to finance a war[2].

The armies of Tatalia and Krewlod continued to take over Erathian land until there was only a thin strip of little value left between the two nations. The two rulers then began a brutal war against each other for ownership, which lasted until their armies were crushed by Queen Catherine and Gavin Magnus. King Tralossk and Duke Boragus were then forced to withdraw their troops.[3]

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