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Time of Renewal is the tenth and final expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the Sins of Betrayal pack. It contains 170 cards, from which:

  • 59 are common
  • 53 are uncommon
  • 34 are rare
  • 12 are unique
  • 12 are heroic

Card listEdit

Time of Renewal cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Adar-Malik, Caller of Doom Hero Heroic Necropolis
Akane, Mourner of Lost Memories Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Ammar, the Cunning Hero Heroic Academy
Gazal, Lady of Secrets Hero Heroic Academy
Ishuma, Lord of Dragons Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Jezziel, Invoker of Hope Hero Heroic Haven
Kelthor, Lord of Fury Hero Heroic Stronghold
Nergal, Lord of Pestilence Hero Heroic Necropolis
Phiras, Prince of Annihilation Hero Heroic Inferno
Siegfried, Champion of Faith Hero Heroic Haven
Xorm, Champion of the Abyss Hero Heroic Inferno
Zouleika, Renegade Wizard Hero Heroic Stronghold
Abyssal lilim Creature Unique Inferno
Blind justicar Creature Unique Haven
Bone ancestor Creature Unique Stronghold
Breeder progenitor Creature Unique Inferno
Crimson wizard Creature Unique Academy
Falcon holy priest Creature Unique Haven
Ichor spinner Creature Unique Necropolis
Ichor weaver Creature Unique Necropolis
Power blast titan Creature Unique Academy
Sahaar raging chieftain Creature Unique Stronghold
Shinobi gunshi Creature Unique Sanctuary
Shinobi whisperer Creature Unique Sanctuary
Blade mage Creature Rare Academy
Blind Brother Creature Rare Neutral
Breeder mother Creature Rare Inferno
Celestial Creature Rare Haven
Chaos sorceress Creature Rare Inferno
Fate sealer Creature Rare Necropolis
Ghost dragon Creature Rare Necropolis
Griffin captain Creature Rare Haven
Guerilla master Creature Rare Stronghold
Harpy shaman Creature Rare Stronghold
Living nightmare Creature Rare Necropolis
Manastorm titan Creature Rare Academy
Necromancer reinforcer Creature Rare Necropolis
Pit lord Creature Rare Inferno
Sacred kirin Creature Rare Sanctuary
Sahaar hunter Creature Rare Stronghold
Shadow lilim Creature Rare Inferno
Shanriya priestess Creature Rare Sanctuary
Shinobi blackmailer Creature Rare Sanctuary
Shinobi thief Creature Rare Sanctuary
Sun crusader Creature Rare Haven
Taweret warrior Creature Rare Academy
Void sycophant Creature Rare Academy
Vestal Creature Rare Haven
Blazing glory Creature Uncommon Haven
Cactus thing Creature Uncommon Neutral
Centaur marauder Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Dark Wood hermit Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Dark Wood treant Creature Uncommon Neutral
Deep mountain turtle Creature Uncommon Neutral
Enslaved harpy Creature Uncommon Academy
Falcon praetorian Creature Uncommon Haven
Griffin mounted spearman Creature Uncommon Haven
Helexian librarian Creature Uncommon Neutral
Hellfire juggernaut Creature Uncommon Inferno
Holy praetorian Creature Uncommon Haven
Honor bound kami Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Insatiable djinn Creature Uncommon Academy
Jaguar warrior Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Kappa shoya Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Lacerator Creature Uncommon Inferno
Naga warrior Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Pearl priestess Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Pit lord Creature Uncommon Inferno
Putrid ghoul Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Rakshasa raja Creature Uncommon Academy
Ravenous ghoul Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Rotting mummy Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Sahaar archer Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Sahaar harpy Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Sahaar marauder Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Sellspell djinn Creature Uncommon Academy
Shadow breeder Creature Uncommon Inferno
Skeleton master Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Soul-consuming efreet Creature Uncommon Inferno
Striking fury Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Surging golem Creature Uncommon Academy
Ushio naga Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Warrior seraph Creature Uncommon Haven
Al-Betyl ghoul Creature Common Necropolis
Arcane archer Creature Common Academy
Bramble beast Creature Common Stronghold
Chosen of Elrath Creature Common Haven
Cowardly gnoll Creature Common Stronghold
Dancing dervish Creature Common Academy
Demon thrall Creature Common Inferno
Devoted sister Creature Common Haven
Erg hunter Creature Common Stronghold
Expert marksman Creature Common Haven
Gravid breeder Creature Common Inferno
Hell hound Creature Common Inferno
Imperial sentinel Creature Common Haven
Kappa Creature Common Sanctuary
Kirin Creature Common Sanctuary
Kitten warrior Creature Common Stronghold
Lesser earth elemental Creature Common Neutral
Lesser shadow elemental Creature Common Neutral
Lesser water elemental Creature Common Neutral
Minotaur brute Creature Common Academy
Pao hunter Creature Common Neutral
Plague skeleton Creature Common Necropolis
Ranaar mauler Creature Common Stronghold
Rogue mercenary Creature Common Neutral
Rotting zombie Creature Common Necropolis
Sahaar mummy Creature Common Necropolis
Shanriya guard Creature Common Sanctuary
Skeleton spearman Creature Common Necropolis
Spinning dervish Creature Common Academy
Tormentor Creature Common Inferno
Unstable djinn Creature Common Academy
Ur-Khrag enforcer Creature Common Inferno
Waterfall guardians Creature Common Sanctuary
Wolf guard Creature Common Haven
Yuki-onna Creature Common Sanctuary
Blizzard Spell Rare Water
Contagion Spell Rare Earth
Despair Spell Rare Dark
Divine judgement Spell Rare Light
Lightning speed Spell Rare Air
Mass inner fire Spell Rare Fire
Spell steal Spell Rare Prime
Arcane ward Spell Uncommon Prime
Eternal winter Spell Uncommon Water
Fiery weapon Spell Uncommon Fire
Resolute stand Spell Uncommon Light
Stone skin Spell Uncommon Earth
Weakness Spell Uncommon Dark
Wind gust Spell Uncommon Air
Agony Spell Common Dark
Chain heal Spell Common Light
Combustion Spell Common Inferno
Cyclone Spell Common Air
Ice wall Spell Common Water
Poison cloud Spell Commmon Earth
Slow Spell Common Prime
Reinforcements Fortune Rare Neutral
The last stand Fortune Uncommon Stronghold
Calculated sacrifice Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Honored land Fortune Uncommon Sanctuary
House of Madness Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Imperial phalanx Fortune Uncommon Haven
Strength in unity Fortune Uncommon Haven
Thread of Fate Fortune Uncommon Academy
Unholy communion Fortune Uncommon Necropolis
Ariana's will Fortune Common Necropolis
Arcane research Fortune Common Academy
Blood pool Fortune Common Stronghold
Call of the Bloodhorn Fortune Common Stronghold
Chamber of Dementia Fortune Common Inferno
Curse of Negation Fortune Common Neutral
Elrath's blessing Fortune Common Haven
Escalating madness Fortune Common Inferno
Eternal battlefield Fortune Common Necropolis
Gold mine Fortune Common Neutral
Stolen research Fortune Common Academy
Strength in numbers Fortune Common Haven
Underwater fortress Fortune Common Sanctuary
Whirlpool Fortune Common Sanctuary
Market of Wonders Event Rare Neutral
Path of the Ancestors Event Rare Neutral
Conscription Day Event Uncommon Neutral
Eye of the Mana Storm Event Uncommon Neutral
Market of Shadows Event Uncommon Neutral
Day of the Fallen Wolf Event Common Neutral
Month of the Emerald Song Event Common Neutral
Month of the Dancing Flames Event Common Neutral

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