The Wounded Dragon is a quest in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


The hero and Sar Khayn have to return to the site. There, Erion, Manachan and a White Weaver priestess are in shock Elrath has appeared to the site, but wounded, though Erion does not even believe this. Sar Khayn assures them this is Elrath, but gravely hurt, while Manachan recalls these dark visions have been realized. Erion blames Sar Khayn of this, who is insulted, since he is Elrath's Dragon Knight. He warns them it was Sandro that did this, by summoning him through the Songline. In addition, he and the hero summoned Elrath to be protected here. Erion replies Elrath cannot stay here, but Sar Khayn reminds him if he were to return to the Spirit World, Elrath could even die. Erion fears that if word gets out, hordes of enemies would come at the gates to finish Elrath off. Instead, Erion decides to seal off the gates, to make sure nobody gets in or out, while Elrath will be healed by prayers.

Elrath speaks to the hero, asking of them to reunite his followers, who will heal him through their hopes and love. Sar Khayn states the faith of the common people will heal Elrath. Regardless, Erion is still at the decision to seal the gates, and offers the hero to construct the base.