"Dogwoggle is charged with seeking out the parts of the fabled Armor of the Tiger. His quest will take him to the kingdoms of three mad brothers, each of whom possesses a piece of the Armor, and none of whom are willing to part with them. The closest of the three kingdoms, and therefore the beginning of Dogwoggle's tale, is that ruled by Adram Blacksword, a man known more for his habit of collecting Harpy skulls and hunting Berserkers than for his ability to lead."

The Unexpected Prize is the first scenario in the Might Makes Right campaign in The Gathering Storm.

Information Edit

"Adram Blacksword, the closest of the three mad brothers, has the first piece of the Tiger Armor. Dogwoggle must collect it from a knight who seems more interested in hunting Berserkers and collecting harpy skulls then ruling his kingdom."

After uniting the local Barbarians under his control, Dogwoggle attacks and defeats the armies of Adram Blacksword, eventually locating the Knight in his underground lair. Defeating him in combat, Dogwoggle claims the first piece of the Tiger Armor, the Frost Hammer.

Strategy Edit

Dogwoggle begins the scenario outside a Tavern, with a few creatures and no town. By defeating the nearby stacks and collecting Berserkers from the Longhouses, he can gain enough troops and levels to attack the closest Stronghold. Eventually, he should move on to claim the next Stronghold to the north, and then defeating the red player's Stronghold.

There's a fourth Stronghold to the west, but it's too close to the blue player's lands to claim early. The blue player has three Havens, with a neutral Haven far south of their base. A teal gate barrs entrance.

There are three ways to move between the Barbarian and Knight lands. The first is a two-way portal blocked by a teal gate that the Knights can move through (thanks to a Keymaster's Tent near their towns), but is impassable for Dogwoggle at the moment. The second is a bridge to the south, near the Tavern Dogwoggle starts at, but it's blocked by a large stack of fourth-level creatures. The third, and easiest, way is to the north, and blocked by a quest tower asking for 40 Berserkers.

Once the Tower has received their Berserkers, Dogwoggle can take the fourth Stronghold, visiting the nearby teal Keymaster's Tent before attacking the blue towns.

With the blue towns taken, Dogwoggle can prepare for the final fight against Adram. By sending caravans from his Strongholds, Dogwoggle can build up a large force, finally defeating the Knight. Adram is carrying the Frost Hammer, and once he has been defeated, Dogwoggle can claim the fearsome artifact.