"The Tiger Helm is the last piece of the artifact Dogwoggle needs and Pratlan Blacksword has stashed it in his realm somewhere. It seems an uprising has occured in his lands recently which will make the search that much harder."

The Uncivil War is the third and last scenario in the Might Makes Right campaign in The Gathering Storm.

Information Edit

"Dogwoggle is now armed with the Frost Hammer and Tiger Breastplate. He must locate the last piece of the Armor of the Tiger artifact set which is called the Tiger Helm."

After defeating those rebels that tried to stop him, Dogwoggle located and defeated Pratlan Blacksword, eventually tracking down the last piece of the Armor of the Tiger, the Tiger Helm.

Strategy Edit

Northwest of Dogwoggle's starting point, there's a neutral Necropolis, next to which there's an orange Keymaster's Tent, a blue Keymaster's Tent, and a quest hut granting a pair of Fireproof Boots for 40 ore. The artifact will be useful if Dogwoggle doesn't have at least Expert Pathfinding.

Moving east, there's a purple Asylum protected by an orange gate. If Dogwoggle visited the Keymaster Tent, he can take the town. Further east is the blue gate which Dogwoggle has to pass through. Beyond the teal Asylum, there's a two-way portal blocked by a purple gate, meaning that Dogwoggle can't pass through it yet. Instead, he should move north, taking out the green Asylums before moving southwest to the neutral Asylum (which may have been taken by this point).

To the far west is the blue player's Necropolis. After defeating the defenders, Dogwoggle should now possess every surface town. East of the town, he can find the purple Keymaster tent, and the other two-way portal, leading him back to the teal town.

North of the blue Necropolis, there's a one-way portal leading to the Tiger Helm, but Dogwoggle can't pass through until he's defeated Pratlan, who can be found underground. West of the Necropolis is the path down, but Dogwoggle can't bring any heroes with him, only creatures.

There are a few mines and creature dwellings underground, but only two things are of any real interest: a Tree of Knowledge by the entrance, and the red Necropolis, located to the south. Pratlan is a powerful Assassin, but Dogwoggle should be able to take him out in close combat, especially with the Frost Hammer.

Once he's defeated Pratlan, Dogwoggle can reach the one-way portal and claim the Tiger Helm.