"Having found the pass, Alita and Allenvale now go deeper into Death's Head territory to find their prize. Allenvale seems more nervous then usual, but Alita knows the Cloak of Darkness is near, she can feel it."

The Rescue is the fourth and last scenario in the A Matter of Life and Death campaign in The Gathering Storm.

Information Edit

"Alita Eventide, having found the secret path to the Death's Head Cult stronghold where the Cloak of Darkness is located, is horrified when they kidnap Allenvale! Now she must not only get the Cloak of Darkness, but rescue Allenvale as well."

After aquiring the Cloak of Darkness, Alita Eventide took on the Death's Head Cult in their fortress, defeating their forces and freeing Allenvale from capture. With both artifacts in her possession, she travelled back to Devonshire, ready for the final fight against Hexis.

Strategy Edit

Alita starts out to the northeastern corner, next a the quest hut where she can receive the Cloak of Darkness in return for a Demonary. The Demonary can be found to the west, along with a few creature dwellings, behind a quest tower that requires her to defeat a pack of bone dragons hiding underground.

By going further west, she can find a neutral Haven, next to which is a red Keymaster's Tent, and a quest tower granting access to a couple of creature dwellings and a pair of Equestrian's Gloves in return for defeating a pack of behemoths underground. There's also two tunnels, leading underground. The northern one leads to the bone dragons, the southern to the behemoths.

Once both underground stacks are defeated, the quest towers and Keymaster's Tent visited and the Cloak in her possession, Alita can travel south, past the red gate and fight the Death's Head Cult. The largest problem in this scenario is a pair of high-level heroes, travelling around with a sizeable army. They present Alita with quite a challenge, but with both artifacts and a few Haven creatures, they should fall, and once they're defeated, there is little to fear.

The goal is the Necropolis known as "Hand of Death", located in the center of the underground. It's blocked by a gate that only lets Death's Head members through, but by going west underground, Alita can find a two-way portal leading to the town. The portal is blocked by a quest tower that requires her to have both artifacts to pass. Once the town has been taken, the campaign is over.