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The Hideout is a Rescue the Princess scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter bandits, dwarves, and orcs.

Description Edit

The daughter of Zealot, King Righteous, has been kidnapped and is being held in the town of Fountain Head for a few days until she can be delivered to King Malefactor, the Zealot family's main rival. However, loyalists of House Zealot have tipped off the King to the Princess's whereabouts!OffBck

Good team Edit

Though no one in Fountain Head has ever seen King Malefactor, it is believed he maintains a summer house there. If so, it is likely where the Princess is being held. Find her and get her to the carriage that will take her back to her father at Castle Whiteshield.OffBck

Evil team Edit

Your hopes of laying low for a few days fell to pieces when one of your men had too much to drink at a local inn and began bragging about the kidnapping. The King will send a small army to rescue his daughter, and you now must fight them off.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This scenario takes place in a town. The good team starts on the street in one corner of the map, while the evil team (and the princess) start in a house in the opposite corner. The good team must make their way across town, rescue the princess, and bring her back to her carriage. The evil team must stop them.

A good tactic for both teams is to make their way to the roof and snipe the other team. This is particularly effective for sorceresses wielding the sunray wand.

Good team Edit

The good team should make their way through the streets to the evil team's house and find an entrance. The evil team will most likely be guarding the princess, so they should advance carefully and protect each other.

Alternatively, they can head down to the sewers. One of the walls has a crack, and can be broken to open a secret entrance to the house's cellar. If the evil team is guarding the doors, one of the good players can slip in and rescue the princess while their allies keep the evil team occupied.

If the evil team has moved the princess, use the mini-map to locate her.

Evil team Edit

The evil team can either try to snipe the good team in the streets, guard the princess' location, or move her somewhere else to disorient the heroes. There aren't a lot of better hiding places, and the house has enough ambush spots to ensure that the team can leave her where she is.

If the team chooses to guard the house's entrances, ensure that the good team doesn't sneak in through the cellar. If they manage to get the princess, move hastily to the carriage to stop the heroes before they can take her away.

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