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The Drawing of the Blade

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The Drawing of the Blade
TheDrawingOfTheBlade image
Size Medium
Type Campaign
Player identity Lysander's party
Factions Lysander's party (Haven)
Caileen's forces (Haven)
Normic's forces (Haven)
Initial heroes Lysander
Difficulty Novice
Level cap 18th level
Objective Defeat the Normic and Caileen heroes
Loss condition Lose Lysander
Campaign The True Blade
Next scenario The Trials
Map version Icon-H4
Surface map

"I have been the loyal squire of Lord Lysander for more than twelve years. My name is not important because history takes no notice of people like me. Lysander, however, is different. I have known since I first set eyes on him that he would change the world."

The Drawing of the Blade is the first scenario in The True Blade campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


Palaedra is in turmoil after a knight named Sir Worton, claiming to be the Gryphonheart heir and rightful ruler of the kingdom, publicly draws the Gryphonheart Blade from its scabbard (something only a Gryphonheart can do). Lord Lysander remains in control of Palaedra, but the rebellious knight is gaining popularity. Some of the nobles have already pledged their allegiance to Sir Worton, and have seized control of four of Palaedra's gold mines to fund his army.OffBck

During the scenario, Lysander will not be allowed to proceed further by a knight at a guard tower, unless he brings the priest Proetho along. Lysander will find Adamus and Proetho, but they accept to join his party only if he manages to bring them the Ankh of Life. The artifact is in the hand of a group of venom spawns who committed many atrocities in the area. Lysander defeats them and recovers the Ankh of Life. Adamus and Proetho will then join his party, the latter being a hero who will be playable throughout the whole campaign. With Proetho in the party, Lysander is finally allowed to proceed by the knight at the guard tower.

While fighting Normic's forces, Lysander will learn that Normic himself is hiding beyond Clodman's Wall, an insurmountable obstacle. The only one who can help Lysander is Clodman the architect himself, who offers to take down a portion of the wall if Lysander brings him back his Dwarven Hammer which was stolen from him. Lysander finds the Hammer in the hands of a man whose family has been eaten by black dragons. Lysander offers to kill the dragons in exchange for the Hammer. He manages to defeat the dragons and the man lets him take the Hammer back to Clodman, who proceeds dismantling a portion of the wall. Lysander can so carry on his hunt for Normic.

An optional quest is given by a old fisherman and his wife, who are scared by a group of harpies and mermaids. If Lysander defeats the creatures, the old man will give him a Seaman's Hat.

Both Caileen and Normic are eventually defeated and sent to prison, while the gold mines are garrisoned.


The enemy will not attack, so Lysander has time to build his towns, gather troops and solve quests. Once the griffins to enemy's land have been defeated, Lysander needs to capture cities quickly before the enemy reacts. When Caileen and the towns are defeated, Lysander can gather troops to defeat Normic as well.

The two other strongest heroes in the party, apart from Lysander and Proetho, will be carried over in the next scenario.

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