The Creatures of the Rift is a quest of the Forgotten Wars campaign in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access this quest, the previous quest, Ignatius, must be completed.

Hakeem restrains Ignatius, who explains his soul was sold by his mother by an arch-demon named Phiras. He explains he joined Sandro and Gazal to sever the bond he had with Phiras. The ritual at Mir-Al-Din worked, as Ignatius felt no link to Phiras. Apparently, Gazal, who gained the powers of the Void, proclaimed herself as the Herald of the Void. Sandro was not pleased by the outcome and tried to kill her with a spell. Gazal absorbed the spell, which only made her stronger. Ariana joined Gazal and bowed to her, which made Sandro angry, who wouldn't let the betrayal past by. Sandro shattered the Throne of Renewal, which let a lot of Void-infected spirit creatures arrive onto this world. Indeed, as Ignatius explains the story, a lot of those creatures march to destroy the group, led by a spirit.

The enemy, a spirit, has a lot of milling-cards that will try to empty the hero's deck at a fast pace.