The Art of Might and Magic is an artbook released only as an extra for the Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Edition. The book has an appealing graphical style, and over 170 pages, containing developer diaries, interviews with the game artists, and a multitude of artworks, including the only map of the Holy Griffin Empire and its duchies[1]. Even though it accompanies a compilation of all the Heroes of Might and Magic titles, it notably contains information and artworks relevant only to the games developed after Ubisoft's takeover.


The Art of Might and Magic is available only in the Heroes of Might and Magic Complete Edition, in which it features as one of the many extras; the book was never commercialized separately. Prior to the collection's release, some of the book's content had been freely distributed by Ubisoft, and became available at several fansites. Such is the case of most of Olivier Ledroit's sketches, which can be viewed at Age of Heroes. Most of the book's essence, however, is completely unavailable at other sources.


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