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TerrorEye LoMM
Hit Points: 110
Damage: 10
Range: 200
Speed: 10.5
Attack Speed: Instantaneous
Flying Speed: 10
Treasure: 200 gold

The Terror Eye was given life through magical enchantment, and it is this enchantment that makes them such dangerous opponents. Do not stand still where one of these can see you, for risk of meeting its deadly gaze.OffBck

The terror eye is a monster in Legends of Might and Magic. It is a stronger version of the evil eye. It has slightly more hit points and damage, but also gives a greater gold reward when slain.

Like the evil eye, its beam attack cannot be dodged, but is inaccurate at long range. Players should use ranged weapons to take them down.

Terror eyes can be encountered in the Dungeon Rescue, Forgotten Keep, and Temple of Bark scenarios.