For other uses of the term, see Temple of Bark.
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Temple of Bark is a Sword in the Stone scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter evil eyes, terror eyes, lizard warriors, and skeleton warriors.

Description Edit

Deep inside the Temple of Bark lies the ancient Tree of Leesh - the focal point for the energies of that religion. However, it is said that he who destroys the heart of the tree shall permanently gain the powers of Bark for himself.OffBck

Good team Edit

Seek the Sword of Canis that is hidden somewhere in the Temple, and carry it to the heart of the Tree of Leesh. Do not let the forces of Evil accomplish this task first, else they wield the powers of Bark for themselves!OffBck

Evil team Edit

The forces of Good have entered the Temple seeking to use the Sword of Canis to destroy the Tree of Leesh. You must not let them succeed! Either destroy them, or deliver the Sword yourself and use the powers of Bark to crush them once and for all!OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This scenario takes place inside a large temple. On one end of the map lies a cavern filled with rocks and lava, where Excalibur can be found. The Tree of Leesh is located on the other end of the map. The two teams start in small tunnels on opposite sides, about the same distance from the sword and tree. The players must bring the sword to the top of the tree to win the scenario.

The sword is located in a large cavern with little cover near it, so any player that goes for the sword is likely to be shot down by enemy players. It's therefore important that the player's team lays down suppressing fire to drive their enemies back and protect the swordbearer.

If the player manages to get the sword to the foot of the tree, they'll quickly run into the same problem: players who attempt to reach the top will find themselves without cover for most of the journey, and the enemy can easily fire upon them. Again, the team will need to provide support.

It's also possible to just ignore the sword completely and focus on hunting down the opposing team in the tunnels and hallways. The team should try to stick together to avoid being outnumbered.

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