"A true testiment to the power of experimentation! As a result of extensive study of the magical portals around the land, this spell was finally created, although in a limited form."
Teleport is a third-level order magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs five spell points and instantly moves the target to a designated point on the battlefield.


In tactical combat, position is nearly always the most critical factor. This spell is Displacement writ large. Not only can it be used to put a non-immune enemy stack in the most untenable of positions, it can likewise be utilized to place a friendly one in the most fortunate. All the benefits of the already formidable Displacement spell are afforded to the caster, with the added bonus of access to the entire tactical map.

Kicking a charging melee stack to the far corner of the tactical map is merely an appetizer. You can also flip an enemy screening stack to a position behind the back row of ranged attackers or spellcasters, quite often forcing the back row to spend a turn moving aside instead of targeting your creatures and heroes.

Where this spell truly shines is when it's used during seige combat to place a friendly stack on a cleared castle tower (perhaps having cast the cheaper displacement spell with another mage to clear the area), conferring the attack and defense bonuses to your newly positioned forces.

In the Equilibris mod, Teleport is a fourth-level spell, and requires line-of-sight to the target.

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