Tasha' is a serving woman at the Sage's Rebuttal, and appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. She is one of Praz-El's former lovers.

She was petite and dark-haired, with eyes the color of dark jade. She wore a short, purple shift that showed off her thighs and what Praz described as a "surprising amount of cleavage for a small woman". She's described as "easily five years older" than Praz, which would make her at least 25 years old.

Praz and Telop ran into Tasha at the Sage's Rebuttal after they killed the thieves at the Hanged Man's Inn. She smiled seductively at Praz as she took his order, while ignoring Telop as much as possible. When River joined the two at the table, Tasha was visibly annoyed, giving her a jealous glare. She pretended not to hear whenever River or Telop asked for a refill, though she still eagerly served Praz.

Telop expressed shock that women continued to throw themselves at Praz, even when he couldn't remember their names. Praz replied that it was because women like Tasha were looking for the same thing as him - "a good time", while Telop wanted to fall in love. Telop blew out a disgusted breath at Praz's conclusion.