Syris Thalla (meaning High Palace of New Green in Elvish) is one of the four seasonal capital city of the Elven nation of Irollan in Ashan. Situated in the central regions of the kingdom, it appears as a Sylvan town in Heroes V.


Syris Thalla makes appearances in campaign part "The Ranger", where it is featured in The Emerald Ones and The Defense. In The Defense, it is a controllable Sylvan town with the unique Elven Capital specialisation, which grants the owner with 500 gold per day, and increases the morale and luck of garrisoned troops by +2.


Syris Thalla was not the kingdom's original capital; Brythigga, the city housing the throne was burned to utter destruction on an event known as Day of the Tears of Fire that killed both the original mother tree and the monarch High King Arniel, the fire is started by the Demon spy, Ergal, In 566 YSD. Syris Thalla replaced the former city as the seat of Irollan's monarch, Vaniel. Eventually, in 756, he was succeeded by Alaron.[1]

During Queen Isabel's War, when the Necromancer Markal assumed control over the Holy Griffin Empire and made war on the Elves, Syris Thalla served as a bulwark during the conflict. High King Alaron himself was actively engaged in its defence against Undead and demonic troops.[2]

After returning from a mission in the Blazing Sands, Captain Findan found Alaron dying at the city gates. In retribution, he liberated the sickened capital from the Undead. He then established a powerful defence in the capital, headed by Talanar and Dirael, before departing for the Twilight Archipelago. Syris Thalla's garrison later became pivotal in the final battle against the Akhkharu Nicolai.

In-game descriptionEdit

"Founded after the Day of the Tears of Fire and the destruction of their old capital city, the Elves have worked diligently to recapture some of the beauty of that lost capital in their new one, Syris Thalla."


In the original prerelease information document on the Sylvan faction posted by Ubisoft, the Elven capital's name was given as Shataqua, which translates as "New Green".[3] It is plausible that the Elven dialect was revised later, and that Syris Thalla is a reiteration of the same meaning.

Predating both names, Tam Avlee was given as the name of Irollan's capital in the Beta Ashan.


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