Icon-MM6 Supreme titan Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 1187
Armor Class: 80
Special attack: Dead
Damage: 2D20+120
Attack Speed: 70
Preferred enemy: Female
Primary attack: Electrical
Primary attack ranged: Electrical
Spells: Psychic shock
Spell use %: 50
Level: 95
Experience: 9975
Treasure: 400D10 gold
A sixth-level artifact
Magic: Immune
Fire: 80
Physical: 80
Electric: Immune
Cold: 80
Poison: 80

The supreme titan is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is stronger than the titan and noble titan.

Supreme titans have a ranged attack that does 2D20+120 electrical damage, and have a 50% chance of using the psychic shock spell. They will target female members of the party. They are immune to electric and magic damage, and highly resistant to all other forms of damage. They can be encountered on Hermit's Isle and in Paradise Valley.