"The leprechaun is a creature so in tune with the forces of luck that he is capable of passing some of it off to the people around him."
Summon Leprechaun is a first-level Nature Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs two spell points and summons a number of Leprechauns based on the level of the caster.


Probably the most useful of the low-level summoning spells, this first level spell effectively duplicates the effect of the second level spell Fortune with the added bonus that you get a small stack of leprechauns to act as a shield from ranged attacks or to soak up some retaliation damage.

Leprechauns only have enough spell points to cast Fortune one time (provided you don't have the Magic Amplifier). If you wish to cast the spell a second time, simply suicide the leprechauns against an enemy stack and re-cast the spell.

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