The Summer Palace was, as the name implies, a seasonal residence for the royal family of the Griffin Empire. It was located in Whitecliff.

When Queen Isabel's War started, Nicolai ordered Godric, the Lord High Constable of the Empire, to take his fiancée to safety at the Summer Palace. Despite being a reputed warrior and hero of the Empire, Godric was tasked to remain with Isabel and protect her for the duration of the entire war, rather than leading troops in combat. Isabel had another protector at the Palace, the Abbess Beatrice.

Isabel didn't remained too long at the Summer Palace, however, as she, alarmed by the war news brought by Beatrice, convinced both her protectors to go and seek help and reinforcements from the Silver Cities and, respectively, Irollan. Isabel, on her own part, raised a militia and went to play her own role in the war.

The first mission of The Queen, which requires Isabel to put the base of her future army, takes place in Whitecliff, in the vicinity of the Summer Palace.

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