Stronghold deck

The Stronghold deck, featuring a crusher.

Stronghold deck is a deck of cards in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. It focuses on Stronghold cards, whose leader is Kat, Seeker of Freedom.

Under the Stronghold flag, you will crush your enemies with enraged armies and quick attacks. Using Earth and Air magic, unleash the wrath of Mother Earth and Father Sky to smite all opposition.OffBck

Card listEdit

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Kat, Seeker of Freedom Hero Heroic 1
Centaur marauder Creature Uncommon 1
Cyclops brawler Creature Uncommon 1
Dreamreaver Creature Uncommon 2
Helexian librarian Creature Uncommon 1
Centaur archer Creature Common 2
Goblin hunter Creature Common 2
Goblin scout Creature Common 3
Lesser air elemental Creature Common 2
Pao hunter Creature Common 2
Ranaar harpy Creature Common 3
Ranaar mauler Creature Common 3
Rogue mercenary Creature Common 2
Sea elf archer Creature Common 2
Cyclone Spell Common 1
Lightning bolt Spell Common 2
Rock wall Spell Common 2
Stone shield Spell Common 1
Venomous touch Spell Common 2
Wind shield Spell Common 2
Broken bridge Fortune Uncommon 1
Ambush spot Fortune Common 2
Arena Fortune Common 1
Blood shaman hut Fortune Common 2
Gold pile Fortune Common 2
Sacrificial altar Fortune Common 1
Stone of Enlightenment Fortune Common 1
Celebrations Event Common 2
Day of Fortune Event Common 2
Week of Knowledge Event Common 2
Week of the Weaponsmiths Event Common 2

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