For the faction in other games, see Stronghold.
Stronghold city (H4)

Fully built Stronghold town screen.

The Stronghold is the town type associated with Might. Its inhabitants shun magic in any form, except for the Ogre Magi, who can inspire Bloodlust.

This town does not have a Magic hero. Also, it has alliances with all other town types but cannot recruit Magic oriented heroes from the town tavern.

Heroes Edit

The Stronghold towns are led by Barbarians. You will also meet Knights, Death Knights, Thieves, Lords and Archers in the local taverns.

Creatures Edit

Level 1


Level 2 Harpy OR Nomad
Level 3 Ogre Mage OR Cyclops
Level 4 Behemoth OR Thunderbird

Non-town creatures Edit

Unique Structures Edit

Stronghold (H4)

Stronghold towns (without Fort (west), Fort (north), Citadel (east), Castle (south).

  • Wrestling Pits: Increases a hero's Melee Attack by 3 and Ranged Attack by 2.
  • Arena of Honor: Increases the hero's Melee and Ranged Defence by 3.
  • Magic Dampener: All heroes gain +10% magic resistance for each Magic Dampener. The Dampeners act separately of each other, not cumulatively.
  • Breeding Pens: This town gains + 50% creature growth.

Town creatures
Berserker · Centaur · Nomad · Harpy · Ogre mage · Cyclops · Thunderbird · Behemoth
Other creatures
Mermaid · Sea monster · Frenzied gnasher (WOW)