For the faction in other games, see Stronghold.

Stronghold is a faction in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.

In a world of constant conflict, you are that conflict. War and turmoil are your tools of self-expression. Under their banners, the Orc clans live free and proud, and the time for vengeance is always at hand. Can you channel the Orcs' demonic anger and avenge your ancestors!?OffBck

Playing styleEdit

Stronghold is a faction oriented on physical combat, particulary offense. It relies on creature's deaths, through Enrage (allied) or Bloodthirst (enemy). Deploying creatures can sometimes be quite fast. Most heroes use Earth magic on their disposal, though there are a number of those that use Air, too.

Stronghold's units are beastmen (harpies), orcs, cyclopes, centuars and goblins.


Lists of cards
Stronghold DoC
Heroes Creatures Spell (Earth) Fortunes Buildings

  • Card back with Stronghold faction logo
  • Card back, silver premium version
  • Card back, gold premium version


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