For the scenario, see The Strait of the Lost.

The Strait of the Lost is a passageway on the Gold Sea, and appears in the A Pirate's Daughter campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Tawni Balfour had to fight the local pirates and mermaids to become Queen of the Gold Sea.

History Edit

The Strait of the Lost received its name because numerous ships had been lost here, due to attacks by the local pirates or sea monsters.

After taking control of the Strait of Storms and killing Captain Swift, Tawni decided to focus her attention on the Strait of the Lost to complete her conquest of the Gold Sea. She sent some of her men down to the strait to establish an outpost called Rumport, which would act as her garrison in the area.

She soon lost contact with them, so some months later, she took seven of her ships into the strait to learn what had happened. Her fleet was immediately attacked by sea monsters. Five of the ships were sunk before they managed to drive the creatures away. As the monsters swam away, Tawni spotted a group of mermaids leading them. Tawni realized that the mermaids had planned an ambush for them.

After locating Rumport, Tawni started to rebuild her fleet and decided to take the fight to the mermaids and their leader, the Mer-Queen. She left Arnoc the Hairless in charge of the ships and Pete Girly in charge of Rumport, hoping that the division of power would prevent any infighting. But she later learned that Pete Girly had tricked Arnoc into returning to shore, then ambushed and killed him. She was forced to return home and deal with this rebellion by removing Pete Girly's head from his shoulders.

With the traitor taken care of, Tawni once again focused on claiming the Strait of the Lost. She now controlled the northern parts, but the southern parts were still uncharted, and still ruled by the mermaids. Tawni located the palace of the Mer-Queen and drove her into the ocean. She killed the Mer-Queen in combat, and destroyed the sea monster hatchery which they used to grow their army. With the mermaids dead or driven to the bottom of the ocean, Tawni could rule the Strait of the Lost unopposed, and could thus claim the title of Queen of the Gold Sea.

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