ThePiratesDaughter map

The strait

The Strait of Storms is a narrow passage on the Gold Sea, and appears in the A Pirate's Daughter campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. The town of Frigiston was located on one end of the strait, and the town of Yanathrae on the other. Conquering the strait was the first step in Tawni Balfour's plan to rule the Gold Sea.

The strait was an important route for pirates and merchants, and Tawni hoped that if she controlled the area, she could drive the other pirates away. After capturing the two towns, Tawni began to build ships to fortify her hold of the strait.

The pirate Captain Swift, fearing her hold of the area, sent fire ships to take down her fleet. After his devastating strike, Tawni tracked down the pirate and killed him in his hideout. After rebuilding her fleet in the Strait of Storms, she began to plan her invasion of the Strait of the Lost.

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