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Stoneham is a Rescue the Princess scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. Players can encounter bandits as well as the titan and grand titan.

Description Edit

While traveling across the countryside, a stop at the city of Stoneham has landed Princess Persephone into the hands of the thieves and bandits who control the city.OffBck

Good team Edit

Though the Governor is loyal to the King, it is the crime lords who really run the city. One of them ordered the capture of the Princess when she stopped at the city two nights ago. You must rescue her from a tower on the far side of Stoneham.OffBck

Evil team Edit

In a bold move, your leader ordered the capture of the Princess, hoping to send a message to the Governor, the King, and the other crime lords that it is he who is the true leader of Stoneham. The final task will be fighting off any rescue attempt.OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This scenario takes place in a town. The princess is located in a low stone tower in one corner of the map, and the evil team starts near it. The good team starts at the other end of the map.

This is a scenario that is very different depending on whether the "Monsters" option is turned on or not. If it's turned on, the titan and grand titan will be marching back and forth in the streets, attacking everyone they see. They are large and sturdy, and do a lot of damage. There are also a few bandits around. If it's turned off, the only obstacle will be the other team.

Good team Edit

The team can head straight through town to reach the tower. The titan can be avoided, as it's in another part of town, but the grand titan is marching back and forth outside the tower. The grand titan can be taken down by shooting at him and dodging his shots, but this should only be done by large teams. If the team is small, it's probably better to sneak in. Note that the evil team will likely also be guarding the structure.

If the "Monsters" option is turned off, the team will only have to worry about the villains. The stone tower has three entrances: two doors at ground level, and a ladder at the back that leads to the roof. The evil team may be hiding nearby, ready to snipe anyone that enters the tower, or they may even be inside the tower itself, surrounding the princess. If the latter is true, the heroes can climb the ladder and drop HHGAs down the hole in the roof to take down the other team.

Once the princess has been located, get her to her carriage as quickly as possible. Note that any surviving villains may try to ambush the team in the streets.

Evil team Edit

There are two main tactics: protect the tower, to prevent the heroes from reaching the princess, or run through town and set up an ambush near the carriage. If protecting the tower, entering the tower and shooting them when they arrive can be effective, but some members of the good team may climb the ladder and attack the villains from above.

If the titan and grand titan are present, the villains should stay out of their way as much as possible. If the good team approach the tower and are spotted by the grand titan, this would be an excellent opportunity to take them down while they are distracted by the large monster.

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