Steggan is a Crusader Knight in that is mentioned in the official strategy guide for Crusaders of Might and Magic. He was an old friend of Nomandi.

Biography Edit

Steggan, Nomandi, and Celestia were all young officers in the Crusaders. Through her drive and spirit, Celestia climbed quickly through the Order's ranks, but Nomandi didn't trust her, as he found her unnerving and far too ruthless. After losing his sight in battle, Nomandi left the Crusaders, and as the years went by, Steggan found that his opinion of Celestia came closer and closer to Nomandi's.

The noble Old Guard was gradually being replaced by the High Guard, and Steggan saw them as closer to cold-blooded mercenaries than honorable knights. The Order was based on noble ideals, but Celestia ruled with cold, logical calculations, and was willing to leave defenseless civilians to die at the hands of the Legion of the Fallen if her forces could be more effective somewhere else. Steggan believed that the only thing that had kept her from ordering the Crusaders to slaughter civilians, which would prevent them from being claimed by the Legion, was the fact that the Old Guard would rise up against her if she tried. But he knew that there were fewer and fewer of them left for every year that passed.

He also found it suspicious that Celestia seemed to age at a slower rate than the rest of them.

Years after leaving the Order, Nomandi sent a letter to Steggan. This surprised and thrilled Steggan, as most of the knights thought that Nomandi had died long ago. Steggan told his old friend about the way the Crusaders had changed, and his worries for their future, but also promised that his next letter would be longer and less gloomy.